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Beverages Vocabulary in Spanish

The following is a list of Spanish language vocabulary for common beverages.

Drinks - Bebidas
Hot chocolate Chocolate caliente
  • with milk
  • black
  • decaffeinated
  • con leche
  • negro
  • descafeinado
Fruit juice
  • orange juice
  • apple juice
  • grapefruit juice
  • tomato juice
Jugo de fruta
  • jugo de naranja
  • jugo de manzana
  • jugo de toronja
  • jugo de tomate
  • With soda
  • With water
  • Con soda
  • Con agua
Milk (cold) Leche fría
Water (pure or potable) Agua pura
  • With lemon
  • Con limón
Smoothie Licuado
Soft drink Gaseosa
Rice drink Horchata
Rosehip drink Rosa de Jamaica
A hot corn drink Atol de elote
Hot fava bean drink Atol de haba
Hot rice drink with milk Atol de arroz en leche
Hot plantain drink Atol de plátano
Hot corn flour drink Atol blanco
Fruit punch Ponche
A herb tea Yerba Mate
A barley drink Cebada
Drink made from hops Malta

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