Meat Vocabulary in Spanish

English Español
Beef Carne de res
Lamb Cordero
Pork Cerdo
Veal Ternera
Beefsteak Bistec
Ground beef Carne molida
Suckling pig Cochinillo
Ribs Costillas
Pork chop Chuleta
Liver Hígado
Ham Jamón
Tongue Lengua
Steak Lomo
Pork fillet Lomo de cerdo
Sausages Longanizas
Pig’s feet Patas de cerdo
Leg of lamb Pierna de cordero
Oxtail Cola de buey
Kidneys Riñones
Sausages / Hot Dogs / Wieners Salchichas
Bacon Tocino / Panceta
Tripe Tripas

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