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Family Vocabulary in Spanish

The following is a list of Spanish language vocabulary for family members.

The family - La familia
Mother Madre / Mamá
Father Padre / Papá
Brother Hermano
Sister Hermana
Baby Bebé
Son Hijo
Daughter Hija
Grandmother Abuela
Grandfather Abuelo
Great Grandmother Bisabuela
Great Grandfather Bisabuelo
Great Great Grandmother Tatarabuela
Great Great Grandfather Tatarabuelo
Uncle Tío
Aunt Tía
Great Uncle Tío abuelo
Great Aunt Tía abuela
Cousin Primo / prima
In-Laws - Parientes Políticos
Father in-law Suegro
Mother in-law Suegra
Son in-law Yerno
Daughter in-law Nuera
Brother in-law Cuñado
Sister in-law Cuñada
Sister in-law's husband Concuño
Brother in-law's wife Concuña

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Symbols other than those below are from The Noun Project collection
"Handshake" symbol by Jake Nelsen, from The Noun Project collection
"Paint Palette" symbol by Okan Benn, from The Noun Project collection
"Hand" symbol by Ugur Akdemir, from The Noun Project collection